Saturday, June 20, 2015

OPI Top Ten Part 1

A while ago OPI came out with a set of mini polishes that consisted of their top ten classic shades. I have used a few here and there, but realized I never shared them with you all. How thoughtless of me! I decided to swatch all ten and share my thoughts with you. Today I have part one which consists of the first box which contains the lighter shades: Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, Tickle My France-y, Kiss Me On My Tulips, and Red Lights  Ahead...Where?. On all of my accent nails I have one of my favorites OPI LAMB. 


Alpine Snow is a very stark white. I used this a bit when I first got this, but then it thickened up like crazy, so I steered clear of it. I used two coats here and it was really painful, I could probably add thinner to it to make it much more manageable, but something about it wants to turn tacky. It is pretty opaque because of the thickness though. I added a top coat here so that it wouldn't look so gunky.


Bubble Bath is one for those who like the sheer look. There are three coats here and it looks like a lovely sheer nude. I stopped at three, but if you really wanted to make it look opaque I am sure you could eventually get there. This one applied really nicely. This is so timeless and soft, I definitely recommend it.


Tickle My France-y is one that I love! I used three coats for full opacity and it resulted in a beautiful, dusty, rose leaning nude. It is really a great shade for those who are looking for something lady like.


Kiss Me On My Tulips is hot! It is a really bright pink that goes on well and really makes a statement. The formula was great and only needed two coats here. This is definitely a great one for summer!


The last one in this box was Red Lights Ahead...Where? which is a nice red with a hint of orange. This one is spicy! I'm not sure I have ever described a polish as spicy, but this one is so spicy. It is really a great pop of color and I really enjoyed that in this one. It is a great blend of red and orange and went on well with only two coats.


I thought these were great picks for a classics collection. I really like them all with the exception of Alpine Snow. I just feel like there are so many other whites with better formulas, I don't want to mess with it. My favorite right now is Red Lights Ahead...Where? because it is so vibrant, but like I said before, I really like them all! Hope you like this post, part two is coming soon!

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