Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pretty & Polished Ice Ice Lady and Maleficium

I have never tried Pretty & Polished, but I have been admiring the brand for quite a while. It is an indie brand that I have seen on and have finally purchased some for myself! I purchased Ice Ice Lady and Maleficium. I saw Maleficium on Manna's Mani's blog and I knew I had to have it! They are both glitter packed crellies (mix between a jelly and a creme) and have great coverage.

Maleficium at first glance looks like a simple speckled grey polish, pretty, but what is the big deal? When you look closer you will see that the speckles are really multichrome flakes! I was so excited about this one! You can best see the flakies in real life and in the macro shot, but they are gorgeous. I only needed two coats and the formula is fabulous. Really, the formula is perfect. I became a fan of Pretty & Polished upon first swipe. I was a little curious about the name Maleficium, I had never heard it before. Upon googling, it appears to be black magic, but also a band. I'm not sure which one this might have been named after, but it is pretty all the same.






Ice Ice Lady is a white base polish with lots of blue glitter along with gold and red glitter. The red was a bit of a surprise here, but I really liked it. I love the name of this polish, I mean, who doesn't love Vanilla Ice? I was so stunned at how well this covered. Usually polishes like these need three coats and sometimes more, but this one only needed two! The formula is really pretty perfect like Maleficium. I wore this color for several days and never got tired of it. It was pretty good about not chipping either.






I'm definitely a fan of Pretty & Polished now. Love it, hands down one of the best formulas I have encountered for this type of polish. I really like the uniqueness of both colors too. I purchased mine from, but it looks like both are sold out there (and the price is a little higher). You can purchase Maleficium on P&P's website or etsy shop, but I don't see Ice Ice Lady anywhere else, so maybe keep a lookout on LLP to see if there might be a restock there. These are well worth waiting for and now one of my new favorite indie brands. Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think in the comments!

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