Saturday, June 4, 2016

Nvr Enuff Gilmore Girl Inspired Collection (Partial)

Nvr Enuff Polish is an indie brand introduced to me by a my friend Oksana from The Polished Koi, who absolutely raves about the polish. I happened to be told about a restock the day of and was able to snag a couple to try out. I picked up Bracebridge Dinner and Firelight Festival both of which are from the Gilmore Girls Collection. I admittedly have never watched Gilmore Girls until recently, but I just started watching a few episodes. I still don't get the references, but I imagine that might take a little more watching. Regardless, the colors are gorgeous!

Bracebridge Dinner is a beautiful burgundy with holographic glitter. That description sounds so boring, but it is a really dynamic polish! I noticed a lot of the glitter likes to shift blue, and the way the blue and red look together is so gorgeous. I did three coats for the photos. The polish is a little on the thicker side, but really easy to manipulate without it flooding cuticles or anything,





Firelight Festival is difficult to describe. It has a smoky quality to it that is highlighted by tons of holographic glitter and some tiny glitter shreds. When I first started painting my nails with this I exclaimed wow several times. I also used three coats for these photos and it has the same thicker, but easy to work with formula.





I am not very familiar with Nvr Enuff, but I get the sense that this is the type of brand where you have to watch release dates, restocks, and be on your toes about buying. I really hate chasing polish like that as it feels like so much work, but since I hit the site on the right day and snagged these, I'm glad I did. I really love these two, they are really unique and have lots of sparkle. They don't appear to be available on the site right now, but who knows what might come next restock? Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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