Monday, December 23, 2013

How to make your bare nails shine!

Two days until Christmas!! I have gotten over my initial stress about Christmas from my last post, and we are all ready to celebrate! I was removing my last nail polish design and decided to use my new nail buffer, purchased from Sephora and I had to stop and share this with you. I have never used a nail buffer with a shine section, which Sephora's has. I heard from another nail blogger that this particular buffer was her favorite, so I wanted to try it out! Now, I am about to share something I have never shared before: my naked nails! I had to do a quick post and show you what this buffer can do! Don't mind the slight staining, I paint my nails a lot!

Can you see the shine? I actually had a very strong reaction to this when I used the shine portion. I was amazed! It literally gives your nails an unreal shine. I kept saying to my husband, "how is this real?". I could not believe it was so shiny! I feel like my nails have a top coat on them or they look like plastic they're so shiny. I just had to share this with you before I painted my nails again! I must say now, this is my favorite nail buffer as well. I bought mine online here for $5, well worth the price. I will definitely keep buying this type after it is all worn out. What do you think? Do you buff your nails? I only buff my nails maybe once a month so that I don't wear them down too much. With this new buffer, I'll be excited for my next buffing! I'll have one more Christmas design for you before or on Christmas to come! Is there something specific you want to see? Hope you enjoyed this post!

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