Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nail Art: Plaid Nails

I cannot believe it is already December! Thanksgiving went by so fast, I feel like it was such a blur. We had several different Thanksgiving dinners to attend, so maybe that makes it feel like it goes by so fast. We had a great time with family and some great food. I can't get enough turkey and pie! As we transition into December, I am starting to immediately think of Christmas and everything that comes with it. One thing that really reminds me of the Christmas season is plaid prints. I have been wanting to try a plaid print for a while now, and I decided to do one with blue tones.


I started with a base color of OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I love that color so much! It is from the Skyfall collection. On top of that I freehand painted lines of China Glaze Sea Spray. Then it got a little tricky, I painted little diamonds in L'Oreal Greycian Goddess with a small nail art brush. Lastly, I painted overlay lines of Color Club Luminescent. I'm not sure if you would call this argyle or plaid, but both are great for winter. I can't imagine the possibilities here. I am really excited to try this with really Chirstmas-y colors! I think next time I would probably do fewer lines, as I think this is a little too busy for everyday, but I like it nevertheless. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading!


  1. Perfect!! I have socks just like this!! :D

  2. Hi there! Love your pl'argyle nails! I spotted you in the WPNFF critique group.

    - Your photos are clear, nails are neat, and you can make a good tutorial - yay! (You should definitely do a pl'argyle nail tutorial collage.)
    - Your blog layout is super clean and uncluttered. Most newer bloggers take forever figuring out how essential this is. Loving your lack of ads, "I do this..!" & "member of that!" buttons, etc.
    - But at the same time... you need a bit of pizzazz. Something memorable to make your blog stick out. Consider a header image (Could be a banner collage showcasing your best nail designs - maybe in black & white if you're sticking with this color scheme?). After that, see about some matching social media buttons to match your design colors. =)

    Turn off the commenting captcha. It is annoying when trying to leave a comment - I'll often not leave a short comment on a blog if that pops up. If you're really having a spam problem consider installing Disqus on your blog. It's the best system I've come across, imports all your old comments, and makes it super easy for readers to follow relevant replies!

  3. Hi! I came here from Will Paints Nails for Food feedback form. I like your photos - very clear and close-up to see the design - that's what I like! Two feedbacks: personal preference but I like the description of what you've done first, not last (purely a subjective thing though). The second thing I would say is just be conscious of how dry your cuticles can look when you're taking a picture of them - perhaps use an almost dried off cuticle oil brush and apply it lightly before you take your pictures and/or let it soak in? I'm not sure what your process is for taking care of your cuticles and it can be super challenging in winter. Good luck! :D

  4. Hi! I came from the blogger's bootcamp from Will Paint Nails for Food. I really like your nail pictures! They are so clear and you offer up close shots and different angles :) My critique would be the plainness of the background, which is purely a personal preference. Maybe a subtle print or another color would give it some visual interest. Also, sidetracking here but I really like the orange of your titles and words, it's not a color you see every day and I think it pops :)

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I'll think about rearranging my writing, I've kind of been dabbling with changing it lately :) It is so hard to keep moisturized in the winter time! I just need to be more conscious about it before pictures, thanks for pointing that out!

  6. Thank you! I would love to do a banner that is unique, I just need to figure out what I want to do. The color scheme is what I just started with, so I am definitely open to trying new things. I did install Disqus tonight, hope that helps. I also turned off that verification thing. I had no idea it was doing that! Thanks so much, I really appreciate the great feedback!

  7. Thank you! I have a pattern design in mind, but I need to figure out how to execute it! That is the hard part for me. I have been loving orange lately! Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Hi! I also came from the Bloggers' Bootcamp :) I really like how clean and simple your blog is, just how I like it. Your photos are clear and I like the angles you show!

    I would however suggest installing some social media buttons, and/or moving your Bloglovin banner a bit more up :)

  9. Thank you! I need to figure out that social media button thing!


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