Sunday, February 9, 2014

Swatch and Review of Esmaltes da Kelly Paula and Giovana

Today I have two indie polishes to share with you all! I have never tried nor heard of this brand before Llarowe had a sale, so I figured it was my chance! I have Paula, a white base with black, red and yellow glitters and Giovana, a blue base with navy blue glitters. Paula is up first: 

I really like the combination of colors in Paula! They remind me of 101 Dalmatians for some reason. The color, unfortunately, is all I really liked about this polish. It was difficult to apply, really thick and not self leveling. As you can see above I was only able to successfully place one yellow glitter, none came out by itself. I understand glitters can be difficult sometimes, but these yellow bits were a pain. The polish only comes in a 8ml container, which equates to .27 fl oz, well below the usual .5 fl oz in many mainstream brands, yet retail price is still $8.50. Lastly, the label. It is so blurry, I can't even read the brand name, I literally had to go back and look up what the brand was. I don't know what happened there, but if you want people to remember your name, make sure they can read it.

I thought I would like the color of Giovana more than I did. When I purchased it, I thought it would be more of  teal for some reason. Online it says the glitters are supposed to be navy blue, but to me they look purple. I still like the color, but it didn't wow me. This color has all of the same application problems of Paula, not much more to add on that other than it seemed to have a stronger smell. It is labeled as 3 free.

I purchased Paula here and Giovana here. Overall, the Esmaltes da Kelly did not impress me. I love indie brands, but I also love high quality product. With the application being so difficult, I would not recommend this polish to anyone who wants to deal with tricky application. There are many unique and exciting colors, so I may give it another go, but for now, not my favorite.


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