Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finger Paints Once In A Wild Collection Swatch and Review (Partial)

Finger Paints is out with a new fall collection that includes three core shades and three limited edition shades. I have two of the limited editions and one core shade to share with you today. This collection is pretty representative of what I think of when I think of fall, it has some of the dark brooding colors along with the rich tones of autumn leaves.


Exotic Emerald is a deep green with emerald glitter. The green is really quite dark, it almost looks black, but on the first coat you can tell it is a green. It applies well and only needs two coats.



Once in a Wild- the namesake of this collection, is a bit more sheer and needed three coats for full opacity. It is a rose tinted microglitter with a purple lean to it.



Vermillion $ Painting is one of the core shades. I didn't have this one yet, so I picked it up. I think the color is a great bright tone for fall. It isn't something I would typically grab for the season, but I like it just the same. It is a jelly with glitter in it and it covers well with only two coats.



What do you think about brands using core shades and repromoting them for the seasonal collections? I have mixed feelings about it, but I think it helps me to pick out shades I may have passed over already. I couldn't get my hands on the other shades in this collection, but I hope you like what I have to share. These can be purchased exclusively at Sally's Beauty Supply for $5.49 or $4.99 if you are a beauty club member! There is also a buy two get one free sale on polish going on this weekend!

Which shade is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. I think my favorite is Vermillion $ Painting even though it isn't a limited edition. Something about it makes me want to jump into fall a little more than the others. Hope you are having a great Saturday! Thanks for reading!

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