Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stampers and Stamping Polish Review

Today I have two different stampers and stamping polish to share with you, all of which is from the Born Pretty Store. I got the dual double sided stamper, plastic black stamper with scraper, and stamping polish in color #18. Below is a design I stamped with the black stamper and OPI LAMB and Casino Royale.



Here is the dual sided stamper:

Black stamper and scraper set:

Here is the black stamper:

This one was fairly firm, but I would still consider it squishy.

I did have to prime this one pretty well before it picked up images really easily. I used regular polish for this and it worked great. It did seem to have trouble picking up images that were more detailed than this. Unfortunately the Born Pretty Store sold out of this product before this was published but here is a similar set. Note, the scraper that this set comes with is metal and may scratch your stamping plates.

The yellow double ended stamper is a lot squisher on both ends than the white one. This is the wider end which is really squishy and sticky. I didn't prime this one because it seemed too delicate. You can see how that translates to the stamping image.

The narrower end is super squishy and sticky! I'm told this is a marshmallow stamper. I didn't prime this one either for fear of destroying the delicate texture.

This stuff. I'm sorry I have a very negative view of this, I will preface with that. I was so excited to finally get a real stamping polish since I usually just use regular polish and hope for the best. I will say that this stamps beautifully. I had no trouble at all, it works just how I imagined a great stamping polish should work. The problem for me was the smell. It is so fumy I actually got a headache within a few minutes of using it. I asked for the ingredients list from BPS and have that below. I couldn't stand the smell so much I feared actually applying this to my nails. Call me paranoid, but I'm not willing to risk it. I have it shown on the white stamper below too.

Ingredients provided by BornPrettyStore

My overall impression is that the stampers are pretty good quality and are great for those who are into stamping or want to get into stamping. I would skip the polish because of the fumes, but if you are willing to try it out anyway, it looks like it works pretty well.

Hope this post helped you in your stamping adventures! Thanks for reading.

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