Thursday, January 28, 2016

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment and Nail Butter

I have some nail care products to share with you today. In the winter time I always feel the need to nourish my nails and take better care because the cold is so harsh on my skin. I have been trying a new to me product called Nail Butter along with Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment today. I have tried Oxygen Nail Treatment before but this is in a new shade called Sheer Shimmer which has sort of a white tint to it. 

Nail Butter comes in a frosted glass jar with a screw top. It feels pretty hefty but sturdy at the same time. I can throw it in my purse without worrying about it spilling or cracking. I love the color and pattern on the top too, I think it is pretty adorable without too much frill or fuss. The product itself it thick and a bit greasy feeling. Mine is lemongrass scented. I'm not entirely sure I love this scent, granted, I do love lemongrass, but this version of it is strong, almost peppery. It isn't so strong that it is overpowering, but it is something to be aware of if you are sensitive to scents. Having said that, I genuinely adore this product. I think this product works best on the bare nail overnight, but I often use it as a cuticle cream whenever I think about it. 


Here is a photo before I used any moisturizing products. You can see I have a bit of dry skin on my cuticles. It is really not pretty!


After I applied Nail Butter and let it sit for a while (maybe 15-30 minutes) you can see my dry skin disappears! I swear I didn't just chop it off or edit it out or anything. I have better looking skin with just this one use. I have been using it throughout the fall and winter and it has come in really handy when I want a thicker cream for my nails and cuticles. It costs $24 for a jar, which is a little higher than some oils or other balms, but this is a pretty unique product that has a visible improvement in even just one use for me. Definitely give it a try if you are looking for something like this! It also comes in gardenia scent, which I would be excited to try.


Moving on to the next product I have Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Shimmer here. It is also in the above photos for reference. It comes in a larger box than the usual Juleps and I believe I got this several months ago in my Maven box. I haven't gotten into the mindset of nails need to breathe, but sometimes I really just want an nice palate cleanser that I know can withstand some wear and that will look great but not too boring. This shade is a nice white shimmer tinted polish that builds pretty nicely. I used three coats here and it is still a bit translucent, but that is kind of the point, isn't it?



I think it has a pretty crisp and clean look to it. I think these two products are a nice way to take care of my nails and refresh for the next design. I couldn't tell you if this treatment actually oxygenates the nail, or lets it 'breathe', but it is pretty and I like that. Nail Butter has definitely been one of my nail staples lately. Have you tried either of these products? Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. I have the oxygen treatment at home and have not used it yet, but this photo and blog post makes me want to paint my nails with it now! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's awesome, thank you! I hope you like yours!


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