Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Julep Kimberly

I'm doing a bad thing. I am sharing something that is unavailable, yet again. I am so sorry! I am trying to get my polish organized and I am discovering polishes I may have worn but never shared on my blog. So, today I have Julep Kimberly. I think I got this around a year ago, but it was definitely in the spring time. This is a lavender purple with black speckles that remind me of a robin's egg! I know robin's eggs are blue, but same concept, right?


This applied really well and went on nice and smooth despite all the little glitters. I did apply three coats because the color didn't seem quite deep enough at two. I think it is pretty perfect for spring, it just seems to bright and cheery! I actually wore this to work for most of the week and it lasted really well with no chipping, which is always a plus.



I'll definitely be pulling this out more often now that I have uncovered it from my polish hoard! If you have the opportunity to purchase this either by some miracle, or a swap, jump on it! I think this is a great addition to any collection. Alternatively you can check out Illamasqua's Speckle. It is similar, so you might give it a try if you really love this.

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