Friday, March 25, 2016

KBShimmer Spring 2016 and Mega Flame Collection (Partial)

Press Sample

I have two colors from each of the new collections from KBShimmer called the Spring 2016 and the Mega Flame Collection. I have Peony Pincher from the Spring 2016 Collection and Stalk Market from the Mega Flame Collection. Peony Pincher is described as a pastel pink with lavender undertones and is a linear holographic. Stalk Market is described as a near celery green yellow. All the Mega Flame polishes have some strong holographic glitter.

At first I had a difficult time telling if Stalk Market is a green or a yellow, turns out it is both! I used three coats here and it applied beautifully. I expected it to be really thick and gloopy because of the amount of glitter in it, but it was really nice. I was able to apply thin coats to keep it nice and smooth.





Peony Pincher immediately reminded me of Thistle be the Day from last Spring's collection, but it is slightly different. I have a comparison swatch at the end. to show you. I love KBShimmer linear holographics. They always apply really beautifully, and this is no exception. I applied two coats and was good to go. I like the mix of pink and lavender here.





Here is a side by side comparison of Peony Pincher on the left and Thistle be the Day on the right. As you can see, Thistle is a more distinct lavender and a lighter shade, whereas Peony Pincher has more pink tones and is slightly darker.


What do you think? Will you pick either of these up? I liked Stalk Market a lot more than I thought I would. The green/yellow threw me off at first, but I really like it.

KBShimmer’s Spring 2016 and Mega Flame Collection retail for $9.25 each at, and select salons & retailers. For sales outside the U.S., visit

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