Saturday, July 23, 2016

Perfectly Posh Hand and Body Products

Press Sample

Hello and happy Saturday! I have another new to me brand to share with you. Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? I hadn't heard of it before, but my friend Nikole was offering some samples, so I decided to take her up on it and see what this Posh stuff was all about. It seems similar to a lot of other consultant based brands like Arbonne, Mary Kay or Avon and seems to be mostly bath and beauty products. I was given three different hand and body products to try: Amaaazing lotion, Cuca-Chia-Berry body scrub, and Honey Dip chunk (which really just means soap).


Here are the products in their sample packaging. The branding and packaging is all really cute and pretty girly. 

I first tried the chunk in the scent Honey Dip. I was thrown off by the term chunk, but it's just soap! I really liked the soft scent of honey and was really happy to see that it has a great lather. It left my skin pretty soft and did not leave that horrible soap scum feel that usually has me veering from bar soaps. Unfortunately Nikole tells me that this scent is actually sold out on her website (it is seasonal), but you can contact her directly to see if she might still have a few in stock. Her contact info will be at the end of this post. I asked her favorite scent and it is Hoku Kukui, which sounds like a perfect Hawaiian scent. 

Next, I tried the Cuca-Chia-Berry body scrub. I used this on my hands for exfoliation. When I first took some out of the tub, I was surprised at how chunky this stuff is, really, maybe this one should be called chunk! I really am not a fan of bumpy textures (tryophobia anyone?) so I was really, really glad to see that most of the bumps are salt that nicely dissolve as you rub it in. The other exfoliators in there are actually strawberry and chia seeds. This left my hands feeling really soft and nicely oiled, as it has chia oil in it as well. I was a little put off by the scent at first, but as it is rubbed in, it changes and is really nice. It is a strawberry and cucumber scent.

Lastly, I finished this regimen with the Amaaazing Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme. Honestly, this name is a little ridiculous, but I really like it. It has a medium texture that is pretty typical of other lotions. It is thicker than OPI Avojuice and thinner than Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. Hopefully that helps for texture perspective. One of the things I really love about this is that it rubs in so easily and is not greasy in the slightest. I will throw away barely used lotions if they make my hands feel greasy and I am happy to report this leaves my hands feeling soft, not slippery. The scent is honey and mint, though if you are a mint scent hater, I would not pass this up so quickly. The mint in this is really subtle, like the soft essence of mint rather than a sprig crushed up in your hand.

Overall I like these products, the hand creme is really my favorite, but the chunk and body scrub is also really good. All of the ingredients are listed on the website along with several other scent options. You can order online, by email, or phone from Nikole directly. She is really sweet and will bend over backwards to help you!

Nikole Sartin
Phone: 541.678.3012

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