Monday, October 5, 2015

Born Pretty Store Faux Marble Studs

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Hello! I hope you've had a good Monday. Mondays are rough, I don't know what it is about getting back to work after a weekend, but it can be challenging. To help counter a case of the Mondays, I have some nail studs from the Born Pretty Store to share with you today. 

These nail studs are sort of an imitation of marble print but are made of plastic and contain four different colors and three different shapes in each color. 


They come in a wheel type container that is pretty typical of nail studs:

I decided to do sort of a faux marble stone look on the base of my nail to accent the studs. I used China Glaze One Track Mind, White on White, Sinful Colors Prosecco, and Orly Mirrorball. I also added some rhinestone as an additional accent to the stone.

Application: I had a little trial and tribulation trying to get these on my nails. I actually ruined about four of them trying to apply, so learn from me here. I first just stuck it into the wet polish I had just finished applying, and then added a top coat. That was a problem. The top coat strips off the design from the stud. So, then I just dabbed top coat on the spot I wanted to place it then placed the stone, except I accidentally put some top coat on top of the stud again. So, several attempts later, I got it on with the dab technique and careful tweezering.

I think these studs are a kind of fun way to use different looking textures, but I had a difficult time getting over my inability to use them. I am generally pretty patient with stuff like this, but I have a hard time with a nail product that can't handle a top coat application. If I am taking the time to do an intricate design, I get really frustrated when the accent stones aren't working for me and mess up what I had already worked on. I think I will be able to use more stones in the future now that I have figured out best practice, but I feel like this should have been a little easier. In addition, I feel like the size of these studs is just really large, they also sit pretty high up off the nail, so I constantly felt like I was hitting it on something. The best thing about these is that they do last a pretty long time. I wore these for several days and I never had to worry about it falling off. It stuck on there really well.

So, what do you think? Will you give these a try? They are really inexpensive at $3.52, so if you are curious, definitely give them a go.

As a reminder, you can get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order with code: HANDX31! Happy shopping!

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