Thursday, December 29, 2016

What I Wore for Christmas!

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Hello! I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season! I celebrate Christmas and was excited to have a fun nail design for the occasion. I always have so much to do around Christmas though, so I opted for a simple stamp instead of something more complex. Born Pretty Store sent me a Christmas stamper, and some stamping plates to try out that I am sharing with you today! I used Anonymous Lacquer Wrath as my base color. It is pretty funny and ironic to me I am using a polish named wrath for a Christmas design.

Here is everything that Born Pretty Store sent! I will be doing reviews of the products I don't cover in this post later. I bought the Anonymous Lacquer quite a while back but for some reason never shared it. I used plate BPL-023 which has a ton of images that are super cute. I am really excited about a lot of them, but for this I used the candy canes.





The stamper I was sent was pretty large and squishy. I looooved this stamper! Usually I fail the first few tries, but this one just worked immediately, no fuss and no struggles. I also love the colors it comes in. It is especially handy when you are stamping lighter colors such as Sinful Colors Snow Me White, which is what I used for this stamp.

It also has a cute ornament winter theme on the holder.



I loved this design, especially for how quick it was. I was really glad the stamper worked nicely, it took minutes and allowed me to get back to my Christmas activities. I'm so glad I purchased the Anonymous Lacquer, it is such great quality! I love red holos and I think this might be one of the few I own.

Purchase Info:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White- $1.99 at many drugstores

Do you celebrate a holiday this season? Did you do your nails to match? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to see your designs. Thanks for stopping by!

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