Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nail Art: Christmas Glitter

Christmas is less than a week away! That thought stresses me out more than excites me. Once you become an adult, Christmas becomes stressful. Trying to figure out who's relatives' house you are going and how many gatherings you are going to attempt to make it to are what most of my stress is over. We decided to do secret Santas on both sides of the family this year, which makes it significantly easier to shop for gifts. I am excited for Christmas, but I need to make sure I have everything finished! Since I like to distract myself from stress by doing my nails, I am here today with more Christmas nails! My friend Abby agreed to do #bestietwinnails with me. Check out that hash tag on instagram! It is so fun! All it is is creating matching manis with a friend. I thought it was a great idea!


Polishes we used were:
Red- OPI: Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
Gold Glitter- butter LONDON: Tart With A Heart
Green- A England: St George
Glitter- OPI: Pirouette My Whistle

The A England we used for the tree is my favorite polish in my whole collection. That is saying something! I just love the holographic, rich foresty green. It is so rich and perfect. A England is just my favorite brand. Anyway, we started with red on our pointer and pinky fingers and gold on all others. It took about three layers to get full coverage on the gold. Then we added the tree, framing it with painters tape and creating the lines across with striping tape. Abby picked up some rhinestones from Sally's Beauty Supply, which were perfect for a tree topper! Then we used striping tape on the thumb and added a layer of red. Lastly, we added a glitter gradient to the red nails. It is a bit more design than I am used to, but I love it! It was really creative and was definitely a collaboration between the two of us! I love how glittery this is, but at the same time it doesn't look too crazy or out there. I hope you enjoy this as well!


  1. So nice! I agree with what you're saying about holidays! And hmm, I guess I need St George....
    Happy holidays!

  2. I love St. George! As I was painting my nails I kept shouting "I love this color!". Happy holidays!


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