Monday, December 9, 2013

Swatch and Review of Essie Penny Talk

Today I have Essie Penny Talk! I have been wanting this polish for a long time! I haven't seen a lot of rose gold polish and this one has a great shine to it that makes it really look metallic. This polish came out a while ago, but I think you can still find it in some stores, I bought mine online though. I was so angry when it arrived, in the bottle it looks like plain gold. I was mid complaint to my husband as I was applying it and realized that it actually does look rose gold on the nail. Here are my swaches:

So shiny and such a pretty rose gold! I applied two coats for the pictures above. I used a ridge filler for a base coat since I had previously seen that suggested. I really like this polish except for the frosty streaks it leaves before it dries. Once dried, the streaks go away. I can see so many beautiful combinations with this polish! I am so looking forward to creating them. When you look for metallic colors, what do you usually gravitate towards? I realized I have a lot of bronze colors, but I have been wanting a rose gold. Rose gold is just such a hard to find color. I am really grateful I have this now! Hope you enjoyed this post!

UPDATE: I did notice this polish chipping really easily. After two days of wear I have some major corner chipping. I did use a different base coat than usual, but I'm not sure that was the problem. Just a heads up!


  1. Oh, hmmm ... I got this in an Essie buy from eBay I think and was like eww at the bottle, maybe I will like it better on the nail...thanks!!

  2. Wait until you see what I have for tomorrow :) P.S. I did notice it chips really quickly, so be careful of that! I was just about to update this post regarding that fact.


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