Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nail Art: Rose Gold Lace

I hope you all are staying warm in this winter weather! I don't know where all of you are from, but in Oregon we have had a recent bout of winter snow. There isn't much snow on the ground, but it has turned to ice, which makes conditions dangerous. Anyway, I'm freezing my butt off! To take my mind off the cold I decided to do some nail stamping! I told you in my last post that I couldn't wait to add some nail art to this color, I obviously couldn't wait that long!

This is turning out to be one of my favorite stamps! This is a Konad plate M57. Love it so much! I think this looks so pretty! It is just a simple design that looks complicated but the only complicated part is keeping the stamp straight. I think this looks really girly without looking overtly girly and frilly. I really don't like frilly and am not a huge fan of pink, but rose gold and black are definitely my style! Thanks for reading, I hope you like this!

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