Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Swatch and Review of Sephora by OPI: The Way Tutu His Heart

With the discontinuation of Sephora by OPI, I now have a stockpile of it. There were too many good sales for me to let the deal go by, but now I am teasing you with discontinued polish just forewarning you. I have SOPI The Way Tutu His Heart, which appeared to be a milky white with a sheer finish online, however in real life it is a pinky-white with an opaque finish. This polish reminds me of a white that just got a tiny drop of color.I applied four coats to get this look.

As I was painting my nails I noticed a striking resemblance to Essie Fiji- which I adore. So, I thought I would do a comparison. Below I have Essie Fiji on my pointer and ring fingers and SOPI on my middle and pinky fingers.


These two are really similar! I can barely notice a difference in real life, I wouldn't say these are dead on dupes, but they are so close I wouldn't buy both. I prefer Essie to the SOPI. The Way Tutu His Heart had such great prospects, but it was really streaky. Not the endearing- we'll get there- streaky, but the -I hate this polish- streaky. I thought I could get away with three coats, but there was just a streak here or there that drove me crazy. I would actually be really upset if I spent the full amount on this polish, but I got it for $3, so I can't complain. Since it is discontinued, Essie is a great option. Essie is one of those- we'll get there - streaky polishes. The first coat is not pretty but a thicker second coat does it. I added a third coat here just for extra coverage. I do love the color of both, even though it wasn't as sheer as I had hoped, The Way Tutu His Heart is a lovely soft shade that I know will go with anything. Thanks for reading!


  1. I had no idea that Sephora by OPI was discontinued! How unfortunate as their formula is really great! Thanks for the share and this is a very pretty color!

  2. It is sad isn't it? I loved all their colors too. It was replaced by the Formula X line.

  3. Hi, I visited you through the bloggers bootcamp on Will Paint Nails For Food. I love how 'clean' looking your blog is. It's simple and not hard to read through. Your photo's are great and very clear. The only advice I have for you is to relocate your Bloglovin link up to the top of the page, so I can follow all the links easily without scrolling down. Great work though, and I'm going to keep following.

  4. That is so sweet! Thank you! I just added some social media buttons on the side closer to the top and one of those is bloglovin' but it doesn't seem all that obvious, it is just a little plus sigh. I'll see if I can change that. Thanks for the tip! I'll check out your site too!


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