Sunday, January 5, 2014

Swatch and Review of butter LONDON: Fiddlesticks

Today I have something slightly unusual for me: pink! This is a very unique pink though. It is butter LONDON's Fiddlesticks. It looks like a basic glittery magenta pink until you look closely. I love that it is a little surprising. Check it out:

Black glitter! Black glitter in my pink polish! How cool is that? I didn't see it right away but as I looked closer while applying, the subtle black specks made this polish look so unique. I love it! Application was just OK with this one. I only have two layers here, but it seemed a little thick for my liking. I have higher expectations for BL, so I was a little disappointed with the application. If we were using a point system, I would probably only knock this down half a point for the application. This isn't a new polish, I believe it is from the Holiday 2012 collection. I picked it up from BL's website on sale a little while back. So glad I got it! It is a great girly pink with a little spice! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!


  1. I also got this on sale (clearance/discontinued?) on Hautelook, along with several others. I actually have quite a few BLs, and have used a few of them. They look so pretty in the bottle, and meh when swatched... I probably need to give more of the untrieds a shot.... :O

  2. I love butter, you should definitely try the ones you have! I always get mad at myself for not trying ones I have for so long!


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