Friday, August 29, 2014

Tutorial: Euro Mod

So, my Euro Mod post seemed to be the most popular this week so far, so I decided to do a quick tutorial for you! I really enjoyed this look and I hope you do too!

I used only the below polishes which were all from the OPI Euro Centrale Collection. I loved that collection and it may be one of my favorites from OPI!

1. Start with a base of your choice, I used You're Such a Budapest.
2. Either freehand or use tape to paint a straight, vertical stripe on one side of the nail, I used Vant to Bite Your Neck for this.
3. Add a horizontal stripe, I used I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw for this.
4. Add a large dot in one intersecting corner using the lighter color.
5. Add several small dots along the vertical line in the same light color.
6. Clean up the excess paint and add a top coat!

You can obviously use what ever colors you want and change the placement or order of the stripes. I staggered the position of the stripes on all my nails as you can see in the first photo. I hope you like this! Let me know if this is something you want to try out!


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