Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Work Wear Wednesdays: Tan and Black Polka Dots Tutorial

In this week's installment of Work Wear Wednesdays, I have a dotticure tutorial to share with you! I really love the combination of black and tan and wanted to use them in this week's look. It is a dotticure with a bow accent nail. I hope you like it!

It is a really simple and quick look to pull off. The tools I pictured above are Sinful Colors Black on Black, OPI San Tan-Tonio, a black stripper, a small dotting tool and Born Pretty Store bow charms. Reminder: you can get 10% off with my code HANDX31!

1. Paint the nail in the tan color. I did two coats for full coverage.
2. I then used the smallest dotting tool I had to create dots evenly on the nail with the black. You can also use acrylic paint for this step.
3. Paint two lines across the nail to form a cross, like a present on your accent nail.
4. Add a top coat and place your bow charm. If you don't have bow charms you can draw one on.
5. Top coat and clean up!

See, really simple! I hope you like this look! I thought it was fun, yet still professional! Let me know if you plan on recreating this look, I would love to see it!


  1. Wow! These look stylish, elegant and just perfect for work xx

  2. This is such a classy look! I love the teeny bow that you cute! I got a shirt in the mail that I ordered today that is green with teeny black bows just like that!

  3. As usual, I love your work-appropriate manis! I love that teeny tiny bow charm - so cute :)

  4. Very cute! Would work well in other shades, too!

  5. This is super cute!

  6. This is adorable! I'm loving everything about it :D

  7. This makes neutrals look a lot less boring! That bow charm is so tiny and cute!

  8. That's a lovely look! Funny enough, San Tan-Tonio was my first OPI back when I was looking for the "perfect nude". I don't know what I was thinking because my skin tone is that of a ghost so this is more than only tan on my nails!

  9. Oooh, that looks fab! I really like it.


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