Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swatch and Review of Orly: Fowl Play

Presenting: the multifaceted and misjudged Fowl Play. This is from the Birds of a Feather Fall 2011 Collection. It is a great dark purple with many types of sparkles and flakies! So gorgeous! I say that about a lot of polishes but this is one of those that you have to really look at up close to understand. That is why I called it misunderstood. From the bottle, it looks almost black, but once you apply it, it is a definite purple. The shimmers are so amazing, for real.

This is an indoor shot which kind of shows off the multi-colored goodness. 

Indoor shot with overhead lighting, which I think shows a little more of the purple color:

Indoor close up, love!

Outdoor shots which I hope convey how great this is! Really, if you are on the fence about this polish at all, just get it. You will thank me later. The formula was interesting. It was pretty sheer in the first layer and in the second it was totally opaque. These shots are all with two coats. I think Orly retails for $8 but you get .6 fl oz instead of the usual .5 fl oz or less. I bought mine at Ulta, but you can find it a lot of places like Sally's Beauty.

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