Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chevron Ombre Nail Art

Just wanted to share with you a quick update. If I have solid colored nails I usually will leave them alone for a few days but I can't go long without updating them and adding some nail art! What I have to share with you is an update of my "Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?" mani posted here: I added an ombre effect with a chevron shape. Pretty simple to do, I used some regular tape to create the effect. I can add a tutorial if you all are interested. I certainly didn't create this technique, nor do I know who did, but I think it is a great simple design that any beginner can pull off.

All pictures were taken indoors with plenty of natural light. First layer as I said is OPI's Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?, second layer is OPI's Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs and the final layer is China Glaze's Harmony. This mani was just simple and rewarding. I think I finished it when my husband was making breakfast. My husband is pretty awesome! Like I said, let me know if you want me to post a tutorial! Thanks for reading!

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