Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome to Handtastic!

Hello Blogiverse! I am really excited to launch my first ever blog! I feel like I am behind the times, it being 2013 and all, but better late than never, eh? I hope to share with you my musings on nail polish, old and new. Colors, swatches, comparisons, thoughts, reviews and all around loveliness that is nail polish. I'm going to just jump right in!
This is a quick nail art design I just came up with! It is China Glaze Snap My Dragon from the Avant Garden 2013 Spring Collection. It is amazing! I have a few polishes from this collection and they have a great subtlety to them. I honestly can't tell if Snap My Dragon is a red or a pink, but I love it nonetheless. It has a great shimmer to it that makes it look like it glows! This is two coats:

I was hoping to go back to somewhat traditional colors after using a lot of crazy colors as of late. So, I decided to go with a red/pink and the rest sort of followed. Over the two coats of Snap My Dragon, I stamped the fishnet design from Konad plate M57. After that I did a row of dots with a larger dotting tool and another row of dots with a smaller dotting tool. The black I used was Wet n Wild Black Creme and the pink was Sally Hanson Pink a Card. I bought my nail stamping supplies and dotting tools on Amazon for a great price. This is what the plate looks like:

 Anyway, I hope you like the design! Since this is my first post ever, go easy on me! I'm glad I finally got this blog started and I hope you like it. Thanks for reading!

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