Monday, August 19, 2013

Swatch and Review of butter LONDON: Two Fingered Salute

I love butter LONDON, and when Nordstrom recently had a buy two get one free sale, I had to give in. I picked up a really unique color, Two Fingered Salute. I think it is actually a Nordstrom Exclusive.  I would call it s greyed out green with bronze and pink flecks of glitter. It is so different from anything else in my collection, I had to take it home! It is a nice change of pace to find something that is so very different! Check out the photos below, all are outdoors.

Like other butter LONDON polishes I have, the first coat applies a little patchy. Fortunately, the second coat applies like a dream! I think that is what has me coming back. The formula is always great at self leveling and always has taken two coats total. I don't have a large collection of butter LONDON, but I do love the brand. I have nothing bad to say about this polish, it is so lovely! Unfortunately, butter LONDON is a bit more expensive than other brands. It runs $15 a bottle and is very rarely on sale, but when it is, it feels so indulgent to get some. Soon, I'll be sharing the other colors I got! Hope you like Two Fingered Salute!

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