Friday, August 30, 2013

Nail Art: Blue Flowery Wisps

I've been wanting to get better at using my nail art brushes so I decided to try something new, but not too complicated. I decided to try a flower-like design which looks very wispy and feminine. It reminds me of dahlias, which were the flowers we had at my wedding! All I did was create slightly curved lines from the same starting point on my nail. These aren't perfect, but I'm practicing, so bear with me!

These also remind me somewhat of fireworks! What do you think? These were pretty fun to make. I used four different colors of blue and layered dark colors over the light colors with a metallic blue on top.

My biggest mishap in this manicure was the white base. I used NYC's French White, but it was the first time it failed me. I think that maybe after a little while the formula just gets tacky. It bubbled like crazy! I think from now on I will stick with Sally Hansen for my white bases. Do you have a white polish you really like? I think I might post a white polish comparison soon. Let me know what you think and any particular polishes you think I should compare!

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