Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nail Art: Orange Camo

On Instagram, I am participating in a monthly nail art challenge which has a new design theme every few days. If you are on Instagram, the host of the challenge is @Californails and you can see all the designs and themes by searching #nailartsep. For September 1st, the challenge design in camo, which makes sense since hunting season is gearing up. I don't hunt and didn't want to do all greens, so I decided to get a little creative. I picked orange since it is still related to hunting.. I don't know how to paint camo nails, so I kind of guessed at it along the way.

Above are all the oranges I used. Left to right: Orly: Cherry Bomb, Color Club: In Theory, Nailtini: Mai Tai, Color Club: Wham! Pow!, Sally Hansen: Sun Kissed. I started with Sun Kissed as my base color and added blobs of other oranges. That's really all I did, add blobs of color and layered the colors in abstract shapes. There was no real pattern to it, which made it pretty easy and fun. I got pretty creative with it. I don't think it looks exactly like camo, but it is still fun! What do you think? I think if I tried this again, I would add a darker color in the mix as well, and maybe try pink or blue. Thanks for reading!

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