Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nail Art: Red and Gold Half Moon Nails

Nail art challenges can be tough. That's probably why they call them challenges. It is funny how once you are told to create something with a specific theme, you suddenly can't think of anything to create. This is what what happened to me with day 7-"school" nails. All along, I had planned to do my school colors from college: cardinal and gold. When I sat down to paint my nails, I simply couldn't think of what to do! I ended up trying a different style on each nail, which resulted in completely starting over. In the end, I must shamefully admit that I couldn't think of anything and just copied another blogger I love. The Nailasaurus, interestingly enough, did her nails for a challenge as well.

I thought these to be a bit too Christmas themed, but they would be great for the holiday season. I really love the red, such a classic shade. The red I used was OPI: I'm Not Really a Waitress, the gold was Maybelline Color Show: Bold Gold and as a base, I just used Nail Envy. I did a regular half moon mani but added a gold stripe with a small brush. I'm not that great with my nail art brushes, but I'm trying! Hope you like it, and definitely check out the original design by The Nailasaurus!

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