Sunday, September 15, 2013

Swatch and Review of OPI: Peace & Love & OPI

I have an awesome polish to share! OPI recently released their San Francisco Fall 2013 collection. This color is called Peace & Love & OPI. It is a duochrome polish that shifts from grey to purple to green to gold. There are probably a few other colors in there, but believe me, it is gorgeous! I couldn't get over how pretty this is! All day today I kept exclaiming "I LOVE THIS POLISH!". I think my husband got tired of it pretty quickly. Check out this beauty!

You can really see the duochrome in the bottle shot here. I used two coats for the pictures. Before you add a top coat it looks a little streakier than afterwards. The top coat here really evened it out. I don't know if you all follow the new collections as much as I do, but Essie has a color that seemed very similar to this called For the Twill of It, which is also the name of the whole fall collection. According to The Polishaholic OPI's formula was better and the color ended up being very similar. OPI only needed two coats whereas Essie needed three. I'm all for great formulas! She helped me decide which one to get which was awesome because I had been debating for a while. I highly recommend this polish! It is $9/bottle and I got mine at Ulta. I'm thinking I should do a favorite Fall polishes post, if I do, this one is definitely a contender!

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