Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Swatch and Review of Stardust Polish: North of the Wall

I can now say I am the proud owner of three independent label nail polishes, or "indie" polishes for short. I've been curious about indie polish for a while. Some are just amateur looking, but some just blow me away. So stunning, unique and eye catching, some I cannot stop thinking about! This was one of them. Today I have Stardust Polish: North of the Wall. This comes from the Game of Thrones Collection. I've been reading the books and when I heard there was a Game of Thrones collection, it caught my attention. As soon as I saw swatches, I knew I had to have it. North of the Wall is a creamy, milky grey with so many different glitters!

Close up of the polish in the bottle!

Drema, the owner of Stardust Polish, suggests on her description of the polish that the polish looks best with three coats or two coats over grey, white or silver. I wanted to test it out first and see which one I liked best. Here are all four combinations:

Although, I like every version of this, I decided I liked it best over grey. I painted two layers of L'Oreal Greycian Goddess which is a blue hued grey, then added two coats of North of the Wall. Here is the result:


I love North of the Wall, the formula is wonderful to work with! I really love this unique combo of polish! The glitter doesn't make your nail feel rough or anything, but I always use a top coat. It applied smoothly and it wasn't difficult to get the glitters on the nail. I love the combination of color! One of the fun things about themed collections, is trying to gauge how much you think the colors represent the theme. I've only read two of the books, but North of the Wall seems to be very representative of what I imagine it to look north of the wall. Have you watched the series? How well do you think it represents the theme? Stardust Polish always has a hard time keeping this polish stocked because it is in high demand! I had to wait a few rounds of re-stocks to get my hands on this beauty. You can find it here, and I believe she is restocking tomorrow! Definitely check out other colors from the collection! I've got my eye on He Always Pays His Debts! I believe Winter is Coming is going to be discontinued after tomorrow's restock, so if you like it, order it as soon as it is available. I am definitely a fan of Stardust Polish after trying just this one. I love the idea of buying from a small business, especially when the colors are so unique! I hope you check out Stardust Polish!

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