Sunday, December 14, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie: Italian Leather and Espresso

Man, do I have some apologizing to do! I have been so bad about blogging lately! Our internet went out after a storm recently, but it still took me a few days to get motivated to get a post finished! So sorry about that. The holidays are a killer for getting anything other than holiday things done. 

Today I have two colors from the Revlon Parfumerie line. These polishes are scented polishes with colors that are supposed to correspond with the scent. I have Espresso and Italian Leather to review and share swatches today. I have older reviews of Autumn Spice and Pink Pineapple, you can follow the links to see what I thought about those.

First up, I have Espresso. Any of you who know me in real life know that I am coffee obsessed. I live in Portland, so it is pretty much a given. I love coffee and I got this solely for the scent it is supposed to give. It is a very dark brown, but mostly looks just black in normal light. I really only saw the brown hue when I had it under bright lights. I used two coats and got an very smooth and even coverage. I did have one almost patchy spot that I really didn't notice until I took the photos. I liked the quality of this, but the smell...really wasn't anything like any coffee I have ever had. That isn't a good thing. It really doesn't smell at all after several hours, but at first, it smells very faintly of coffee, but only because I am searching for that scent. Otherwise, I would say it just smells like a weird vanilla. Not good in my opinion.





Italian Leather is a gorgeous color. I bought this one only for the color and not the smell, though I do love the smell of leather. This beautiful green really shines because of the shimmer throughout. I love it. This was two coats and was a little patchy on my ring finger. It is such a pretty, rich color. The application was fine, no trouble there. I did have issues with the scent again though. It doesn't smell like leather to me. Someone else told me they thought it smelled like vanilla. I don't agree, but it definitely smells like something. I can't identify it, but it isn't leather. 





These are really pretty, but I was disappointed that they don't smell like they should. I did use top coat, but they smelled the same before I added the top coat in both cases. I think the color is worth it for Italian Leather, but Espresso isn't unique enough in my opinion. I'm just upset about missing out on the smell of coffee now. I believe these are on sale at Walgreens, but I have heard mixed messages about how much they are. I have heard they are on sale with coupon for as little as $.50! Mine doesn't have them priced that low, but maybe yours does. Let me know what you think of these and if you have a different experience than I did. I would love to hear about it. Thanks for reading!


  1. I loved the colour of Italian Leather so much that it was my first Parfumerie pick. However I had big troubles in applying it, big bald spots everywhere, bad dragging, a nightmare! I was sooo disappointed by it! I guess it might have something to do with how and where they stock it, but mine was such a no-no formula wise. Colour-wise is unique though! I love it. And about the smell, oh wehhh, I hated it! I have no idea what it smelled like either though!

  2. Italian Leather smell reminds me of my dad's cologne, actually. Nothing like leather. LOL! I do have & love both of these polishes though. :)

  3. Maybe it is a cologne scent and I just have never smelled it before. It isn't anything like leather! I'm really upset about Espresso not smelling like coffee though.

  4. I love the color enough to make up for the smell! Weird, but bearable!

  5. It's a real shame they have totally missed the scents they were after since that's the whole draw of the line. Your swatches look beautiful though!

  6. Aww stinks the scents weren't as expected but your swatches are nice :)

  7. That stinks about the scents but Italian Leather is gorgeous so I would probably buy it just for the color like you mentioned. Beautiful swatches!!

  8. I have a couple of the Parfumeries and I enjoy the novelty of the scent but honestly, I'd rather have them for the pretty colours! Great swatches :)

  9. Italian Leather is beautiful! I recently picked up my first one of these because they were on sale (China Flower) and I'm not even remotely sure what it smells like. Not really a flower, but it's pretty!

  10. I do love the color of Italian Leather - that golden shimmer really is gorgeous! I'm not really into scented polishes, but I would get this one for the color alone :)

  11. I've seen both of these and you are making me regret passing on them!

  12. I love the Parfumerie line, I'm so sad my allergies don't like them. :( Great swatches, though!!

  13. I agree that none of this line smells like it should. To me, every one smells like old lady perfume.


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