Monday, June 9, 2014

Born Pretty Store 1 of 3: Rose Tuxedo Nails!

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So excited to share with you some nail art products! I have been seeing these sweet little nail studs all over the internet and I've been wanting them all! Turns out, a lot of them come from the Born Pretty Store. This is the first of a three part series on Born Pretty Store products. They sent me three items for review and I have broken them up into individual posts. The first item I have to share is black acrylic studs. I decided to use the bows, but it comes with 12 different shapes. They are pretty small but fit in perfect proportion to my nails. I created a tuxedo like nail design but instead of making it solid, I stamped a rose design with my MoYou stamping plate! Applying the studs was really simple, I just applied top coat over the design, placed the stud where I like it and added another layer of top coat over that.

I loved this design! I know this isn't a review of the Revlon polish, but I really didn't like it at all, the polish took 5 coats for this look! Ridiculous! Anyway, the studs worked great! I was really happy with the variety of designs and the quality. They all seem to be made well with no defects or broken pieces. Shipping is always free, but does take some time to arrive. From order to arrival, I waited about two weeks. They have really affordable nail art supplies and I will be reviewing two more products soon! For 10% off your order, use the code: HANDX31. The products I received:

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