Thursday, June 12, 2014

Born Pretty Store 3 of 3: Water Decals

Press Sample

Today I have the last item in my three part series of reviews covering items sent to me by the Born Pretty Store. I was especially excited to try water decals because I had never used them before. I chose a design that looked like the mountains in China and some birds. The instructions had some typos on it, but it is pretty easy to figure out what it should say. Essentially all you do is paint your nails how you want and wait for them to dry completely. Then cut out the design you want to use and peel off the plastic cover. Then dip it in water and let it soak through. Then you place the decal image side down on the nail. I gently wiped up the excess water and then applied a top coat. I did run into a problem with these, but I will get to that later. I applied these over a gradient using China Glaze White on White, Pelican Gray, and Black Diamond.

This is what happens when you aren't gentle with your brushstrokes when applying the top coat: 

So the only issue I really had with these was that when I went to lay down the bird image, the white part was facing up. I should have gotten a picture of this, but basically the image I wanted was face down. I got it to work out by sliding the image off the paper before applying and used tweezers to very carefully apply. The other images worked fine, but the bird was troublesome. These are a little tricky to work with and I wouldn't recommend them for the casual nail enthusiast, but if you know your way around nail art supplies, application should be fine. I did waste two images (not counting my thumb) just with trial and error. The Born Pretty Store has a ton of great water decal designs that you should definitely check out the link to these particular ones is here. What do you think of these? If you want to buy some you can use my code: HANDX31 for 10% off and as always they have free worldwide shipping. It took about two weeks for my order to arrive, so it is a bit slow, but worth the wait for free shipping! Here are the other items I have reviewed if you missed them:

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lovely mani! I run into the smearing problem with all decals, no matter how careful I am with my TC. :(


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