Friday, June 20, 2014

Swatch and Review of Dermelect: Excentric

I have a new (to me) mainstream brand to share with you! Have any of you heard of Dermelect? I hadn't heard of it and I think it is a new product at Ulta. Ulta sent me a coupon for $4 off, so I thought I would give it a go. Normally these retail for $12 each, treatments are more expensive. Dermelect claims that this polish is good for your nails. It is apparently the only one infused with a keratin protein peptide, which is supposed to encourage stronger nail growth. I chose Excentric, which is a darker blue toned grey, which is unlike anything in my collection. Most greys I have are more purple leaning or pure grey.

I really love this color and the formula is amazing! It is one of those polishes that is on the expensive side but when you start applying you realize why.

Having said that, I kind of hate this polish. It chipped within a day. I painted my nails the night before I had a meeting the next morning, but by the time I was ready to go, I look and I had a few chips. WTH? Really? Expensive polish should not only apply well but wear well! They make their own brand of base and top coat, which is fine, whatever, but I'm not going to buy the whole $50 system just to see if this works or not. No thank you! This is so irritating to me! I don't normally have issues with chipping very quickly, but this was stunning, especially for the price.  The color is unique, yes, but not unique enough for me to warrant buying all new treatments. Sorry, rant over. I just feel like it is such a rip off to consumers trying to test out a product.

If you happen to want to try out the whole system, I purchased this at Ulta. If you somehow find a way to get this to last longer, I am all ears. Thanks for reading!


  1. I totally hear you on that rant. Some of the most expensive polish I own chips the fastest. Sally Hansen won't chip for days and it's only a few dollars! It really is amazing. With polish, sometimes you really don't get what you pay for!!

  2. I hate that! Maybe I can use it with the Gelous method. I do love the color though. Sinful Colors seems to last a long time too.


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