Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swatch and Review of JulieG 2014 Summer Collection

I have to say, JulieG hasn't been a brand I've been really excited to try out. I see it at Rite Aid all the time, but I am usually scouring for other brands. I never thought to look at JulieG until Young Wild and Polished professed her undying love for the polish on her youtube channel. You should check her out, she is really funny and gives really honest (brutally honest) reviews of makeup, skin and nail products on her channel. I am constantly checking to see if she has uploaded a new video yet. Anyway, after she talked about JulieG non-stop, I figured I should try it out. It is really affordable at $3.99 a bottle and available at Rite Aid, like I said. I saw a deal on Groupon for the whole Summer Collection for $12, so I figured this was my chance to see if I like it. I received 6 polishes and I have swatches of all of them for you today!

Canary Islands- oh my. I freaking love this yellow. Love it so much! It is the brightest, true yellow I own and it has a great formula. I only needed two coats! Yellows are usually a pain to apply, but this is one is perfection. I think it looks a lot like OPI I Can't Cope-acabanna, which was a yellow I wanted to try, but I don't need to. Even if OPI is as great as I've been hearing, I don't care, Canary Islands is amazing and a great price.

Old San Juan- this is a little more peachy leaning in real life. Sorry, some of these were difficult to photograph. This is a really nice light orange, perfect formula and covered in two coats! I am beginning to see why YWP is obsessed! I used this in gradient for my Memorial Day Nails along with Miami Beach. In a gradient this was great! I didn't need to sponge over it a ton of times, it covered and blended in a few passes instead of many.

Rio De Janeiro- A great pink/wild orchid polish. This changes a bit depending on what lighting you have. Inside I think it leans more wild orchid and outside it looks more like a true pink. Another fantastic formula!

Miami Beach- this one was really difficult to photograph. I would describe it as a soft red leaning coral. These photos looks a little more orange than it really is. Great formula again! This was the other polish I used for the Memorial Day Nails.

Santorini- be still my heart. This one is perfection! I first wore it on my toes and every time I looked at them, I had to point them out to my husband again. 'Honey, isn't this an amazing color??' I'm sure he got tired of it, but I didn't! It has a faint shimmer that doesn't really translate through photos and isn't really visible on the nail either.

Tahiti- this one is also perfection. Love this green. It has some blue shimmers in it that you can kind of see in the bottle in these photos, but not really on the nail. This is a nice minty, soft color that is still bright and gorgeous. I used this in this design, which was inspired by the two designs I did for my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day.

All of these have fantastic formulas and great coverage in two coats. I was so impressed, I have added many more to my wishlist. If there is another sale on Groupon I will be all over that. Definitely check out this collection if it is still available where you live. I really enjoyed this and am so glad YWP encouraged her subscribers to check it out! Thanks for reading!


  1. That yellow looks crazy beautiful on you. Not a lot of people can pull off yellow, but you're rockin' it.

  2. Thank you! I love yellow, but it is so hard to find good ones!


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