Saturday, February 21, 2015

Delush Scream Supreme Collection Inspired by American Horror Story (My Picks)

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Delush Polish released an American Horror Story inspired collection called Scream Supreme! I went crazy over this collection, and knew I had to have it! I love the show and when polish and my favorite books to TV shows come together it is perfection. I think many of you know of my love of AHS, it is such a dark and twisty show! I picked up Bitchcraft, Misty Day, A Night in the Asylum, and Murder House. All of these are jelly polishes packed with glitter.

Murder House was inspired by the first season of the show. If you don't know AHS, every season is almost like a different show. The characters and plot change, but they keep a lot of the same actors. Anyway, the first season is centered around a family that moves into the "murder house". If you like scary stuff AHS is for you! Murder House the polish is a black jelly base with small glitter along with medium hex glitter and larger circle glitter. This one had less glitter than the others, but there was less need for placing glitter. I used three coats here.





A Night In The Asylum is based off of season two which takes place in an asylum. This is a teal jelly that builds up really well and is packed with glitter. I did have to place and fish for the larger circle glitter though. I used three coats for the photos below.





Bitchraft is such a great name! This is inspired by season three which centers around a witch coven in New Orleans. This polish was the most packed with glitter out of this group. It has a lot of smaller glitter and a surprising square glitter too! I used three coats, but also had to place the larger circle glitter.





Misty Day is also inspired by the third season Coven. Misty Day is a character on the show. She is a witch who originally lives in a swamp and is able to make the dead come back to life. She was one of my favorite characters because she is so sweet and caring. This color doesn't immediately scream pretty, but I love the mix of colors and find this to be the most unique in the collection. I used three coats here, but didn't have to do much fishing.





I love these colors! I struggled with getting the larger circle glitters on without placing them, but at the same time, I feel like you always have to place circle glitters. I love how these build up so well in three coats. They look really sheer at first, but then suddenly are perfectly opaque. If you don't have patience for layering jelly polish, you could try layering two coats over a darker opaque color. I thoroughly enjoyed these and will be wearing them all year long! You can purchase this collection from Delush on the website. The nice thing about Delush is that you have the option to buy a regular or a mini bottle! Regular bottle cost $8.95 and mini bottles are $4.50. Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading.


  1. Bitchcraft is very pretty!

  2. Loooove Misty Day! This color and the character :-D

  3. Misty Day is my fave! Beautiful job!!

  4. I love the depth of these! A Night in the Asylum is my favourite :)

  5. Ooooh these look fab on you! This is such a great collection!

  6. They all are gorgeous, but Misty Day is my favorite!

  7. Night In The Asylum is my favorite! Beautiful shots of these!

  8. They are all gorgeous but A Night in the Asylum is my favorite! I love a teal jelly!

    A Night In The Asylum


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