Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Work Wear Wednesday: Wisps

Happy Work Wear Wednesday! This week's design is pretty much the same as Sunday's design, but with a few key changes. I of course made the colors more work appropriate, but I also added a matte top coat. Are you surprised? I have almost run out of matte top coat, that is how much I use that stuff! I really enjoyed Sunday's design and wanted to try it again with a different style.


1. Paint one layer of your base color, in this case I used Essie Merino Cool. Let that dry. Then paint another layer, but do not let it dry.
2. Dab on various colors including your base color. The other colors I used were Zoya Spencer and Audrey.
3. Immediately after, I used a piece of saran wrap and placed it over my nail. I then patted it down a bit to mingle the colors.
4. Carefully pull off the saran wrap and this is what you are left with. Let that dry.
5. Add a matte top coat. I like Wet n Wild's matte top coat.

That's it! It is one of those simple to do but complicated looking designs. I love how this turned out! I actually recycled a mani to do this. I already had Merino Cool on my nails, but I wanted to spruce it up a bit. Merino Cool is one of the first colors that really made me love and appreciate polish! I hope you like this Work Wear Wednesdays look. Let me know if you plan on trying this out, if so, what colors will you be using? Thanks for reading as always, I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Super pretty! This technique is one of my faves too! It's so effortless yet looks so complicated and intricate!

  2. Oh I like this! The matte top coat really tones it down, but in a good way!

  3. This is frigging gorgeous! <3 The matte topcoat really takes it over the top!

  4. This is really nice! The matte effect is really great :)


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