Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Work Wear Wednesdays: Pastel Chevron Tutorial

I finally have a proper Work Wear Wednesday post again! This week is Spring themed and could work for Easter designs too. I used three pastel shades from Sally Hansen and some Nail Vinyls in chevron shapes. I really liked how light and pretty this turned out. This may not be suitable for all work environments, but I think it could work for most office places.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet, Lacey Lilac, and Breezy Blue

This is a pretty simple design if you have the right tools. I used Nail Vinyls, but if you have pinking shears you can make your own at home with tape. I find that the Nail Vinyls work better, but if you are in a pinch, tape and pinking shears works. Here are my instructions:

1. Start with a base color, I used Lacey Lilac as my base. I added a top coat to make sure it was completely dry.
2. After it dried I added the Nail Vinyls. You really have to make sure to press down really well to ensure there aren't any gaps between the vinyl and the nail.
3. I used a dotting tool to paint on alternating colors in the gaps. I switched the pattern on my nails but for the pictures I used Mint Sorbet on the tip and base and Breezy Blue in the middle. I only do the first two layers.
4. I pulled off the first Nail Vinyl to make sure the paint doesn't dry too much. If the paint dries before you pull it off, it gets tacky and you don't achieve clean lines. I then added the last section of color.
5. Pull off the last vinyl, and clean up.
6. Top coat it all and you are done!

This description is a little more complex than others, but I hope you like it! I really love nail vinyls and I think the chevron design is really fun. Please let me know if you end up trying this out! Thanks for reading!


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