Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swatch and Review of OPI: My Private Jet

Today I have My Private Jet from OPI. This is an older shade and I have heard that the color has actually changed over the years. OPI continues to market this color by the same name, but in reality it isn't the same. Regardless, it is a pretty interesting color. It is a dark brown with some holographic glitter. It is so dark, it could be considered sort of a grey/charcoal but it depends on the lighting. Take a look:

The pictures don't quite display the holo-goodness that shines in the sun, but I tried to capture it here. I have two coats on and they applied very even and smooth. I did have concern over the durability though. It seems to last a very short time. I have worn these for just a day and already I have some chipping and tip wear. I followed my usual routine, base coat and top coat, but it is still not wanting to stay on my nails. What do you think? Is the color worth the lack of durability?


  1. It's a fab colour, however I am all for the durability of a product seeing as I am quite lazy and want it on for as long as possible...

  2. I feel the same! I change my polish so much it doesn't affect me, but I still want it to last!


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