Monday, March 31, 2014

Swatch and Review of Zoya: Dream

Today I have a really amazing polish for you (spoiler alert: I love it!). Zoya Dream comes from the Winter 2013 collection. Another from that collection is Payton, which I showcased here. Dream is very similar to Payton in the sense that they have the same type of glitters and have the same consistency. Dream is a cobalt blue polish with tons of holographic irregular glitters. I would almost call the glitters micro-flakies. I think this color is perfect for winter, I am just a little late to the game in swatching it!

As you can see it is a gorgeous blue color. I used three coats here, but you could easily use only two. It applied really nicely, and went on without any issues whatsoever. It is just a great blue. I think the shimmer and glitter in it is really unique, it is much different than any other polish I have. The only negative is that is is in no way a work appropriate blue. I push the envelope a bit with appropriate work colors, but this definitely doesn't even come close. I love it though. Hope you like it too!


  1. Love this color! It has so much depth!

  2. I love it too! I could stare at it all day!


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