Monday, November 11, 2013

Swatch and Review of Maybelline Color Show: Embellished Blue (Brocades)

First of all, Happy Veteran's Day! I greatly value our veterans and hope that they all feel how very much appreciated and honored they are today and everyday. Our country would not be the great country it is without our service men and women!

I have something very rare for you today: a nail polish I don't like. I know, you're thinking, how is this possible? Well, it happened. Not only did I dislike this polish, but I disliked it so much, I returned it. Yeah, that bad. It looked so beautiful in the bottle, but I soon found out it was not what I expected. The polish I am talking about is Maybelline Color Show Embellished Blue from the Brocades collection. I was on the hunt for Silver Swank because I saw a friend wearing it and it is gorgeous! I ran to my local Rite Aid looking for it, but sadly they ran out. Lucky for me, I found this gorgeous blue color! I loved it and was so excited about it. That is, until I got home and put it on.

Color Show Nail Lacquer Brocade Collection 
Stock photo from Maybelline

As you can see from these horrible pictures this polish was really textured. It looks kind of smooth though, right? Yeah, that is under THREE coats of Seche Vite AND a coat of matte top coat. This is pathetic! I used only one coat of the actual color and most of my nail here is top coat. It wasn't advertised as a textured polish and some of the others in the collection are not textured, so that was a definite surprise. Another surprise was that the color didn't look as gorgeous on the nail. I should have taken a photo with just the regular top coat, but I wanted this color off my nail as soon as possible. I had hoped the polish would be really sparkly and have a great dimension of glitter since there was a good mix of glitter, but I was again, disappointed. The color wasn't truly all blue either. I felt like there were some green flecks, which wouldn't be bad, but was definitely more pronounced on the nail than in the bottle. The worst part was that it was difficult to apply! You would think with everything that put me off the polish it would at least be easy to apply. Nope, not the case. I only did one coat, but that one coat was terrible. The small glitter clumped together so badly I thought I got a bad batch. It was so clumpy going on, I wasn't even going to try to apply it on the rest of my nails. So, if you were thinking about getting this color, save yourself a headache and $3.99. It wouldn't be worth it if it was free. Highly recommend that you do not buy this polish. Now if I could just find Swanky Silk... Thanks for reading my little rant today.


  1. I am bad about returns, but this was a definite return, eek!

    1. You too? I am also terrible about returns, but I made sure to take this one back!


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