Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tutorial: Applying Nail Suds

I just bought a package of silver and gold nail studs from Amazon for a great deal, purchased here. It took a while for them to arrive, and in that time I contemplated how to go about applying nail studs. I heard that you could use top coat or nail glue, but seeing as I don't own nail glue, I wanted to try top coat first. Turns out, it works great. I wanted to share a little tutorial to show new nail stud users like me how I did it. 


 1. Supplies: Top Coat, Nail Studs, and Tweezers
2. Start with a base color of your choice, here I am sporting La Moss
3. Apply top coat to the one finger you want to work on first
4. Apply studs in whatever design you like using your tweezers to your wet top coat
5. Add another layer of top coat over your stud design
6. Follow steps 2-5 for the rest of your nails!

So simple, but it adds such a great dramatic effect to your look! I love the way it instantly adds a little edge to your nails. Normally I wouldn't wear as many as I did in the first picture, but I do like a little hardware accent. What do you think? Will you be buying some nail studs in the future?


  1. I also find it's helpful with the big studs like this to add some polish into the well of the underside of the stud. Seems like it helps it stick down for longer. However, if you're only wearing them for a night, you probably don't need that extra insurance.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Last time I wore them they stayed on except for when I was trying to get into spanx!


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