Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nail Art: Emerald City

Hello readers! This past weekend I took a trip to Seattle and wanted a simple mani to wear for the trip. I, of course wanted to make sure the mani was suitable for the trip, yes, I'm weird like that. I thought since Seattle is the Emerald City, I would do some emerald nails. I used butter LONDON British Racing Green (they are based in Seattle!) and Color Club Apollo Star and my dotting tools for this look.

Does it look like Seattle to you? I'm not so sure, but I like it nonetheless. I think it would have to be several shades of grey to look like Seattle, perhaps 50? Haha, sorry I couldn't help myself. This was a pretty no fuss manicure. This post isn't meant to be a review, but I have to say Apollo Star is a strange polish. It is semi-textured. It seems like it is supposed to be smooth, but it dries lumpy- not gritty like most textured polishes. I like it, but was really confused by it. Regardless, it is a pretty metallic color. Hope you enjoyed this look!

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