Monday, May 5, 2014

Nail Art: Glitter Placement

Today I have sort of a two part post. One is to review China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and the other is to share my first ever glitter placement mani! I had a hankering for neon polish a week ago and picked up several neons that I have been wanting for a while. Flip Flop Fantasy is a great one that everyone seems to have. I would describe it as a peachy neon, but I have seen other versions as more of a coral color. I think there may be two versions out there. For the glitter placement I used some loose glitter I picked up at Fred Meyer from Essence.

I used four coats of Flip Flop Fantasy for these photos, and I have to say I am disappointed. In less than 24 hours this chipped, less than 24 hours, what the hell? I don't wear the same mani for long periods of time, but this is ridiculous, I couldn't think of what I had bumped it on to chip it either. The application was streaky and difficult. The only redeeming quality this polish has is the color. The process of placing the glitter was painstakingly slow, but the results were worth it I think. I wish I had larger glitter to work with, but this worked pretty well. What do you think? I have seen some pretty amazing glitter placement designs, I wish I had the patience and skill for that, but this will do for now.


  1. Perfection!
    (too bad about the chipping. :( )

  2. Thank you! Ugh, the chipping. I scoff whenever I think about it.


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