Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nail Art: Neon Tribal Print

This is my first go at tribal nails, so go easy on me! I received these three Island Girl polishes from my good friend Hollie! She is so sweet! These polishes are only available in ABC Stores in Hawaii and Las Vegas, so I was super excited to receive them! I love these colors, they came in a set and are all neon type polishes, but unfortunately I cannot figure out the names. There isn't a sticker on the bottom or anything, so if you know what colors these are, let me know! I have a coral/orange, a light pink and a teal.

I have never tried tribal nails before and I am coming to realize it is really fun! I love these colors too! The coral/orange dries matte like most neons do, but the other two dry glossy. With the top coat, it doesn't much matter though. Island Girl polishes are known to be hit or miss with their formulas. I can say these formulas weren't the best, but they are also not the worst I've worked with. I used about three coats to even everything out here, and the layers weren't too thick or tacky. I hope you like this! What are your favorite neon colors? Thanks again Hollie, these are awesome!


  1. I have the same set but I can't find the name of the orange /coral one. I though it was Diamond Head Breeze but it isn't. The teal is called 'Big Volcano' and the pink is 'Molokai Dream' Hope it helps.


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