Friday, May 9, 2014

Swatch and Review of Zoya Bubbly Summer Collection

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Today I have the second part of the Zoya Summer 2014 collection, called the Bubbly Collection. If you missed the Tickled Collection you can view that post here. Unlike The Zoya Tickled Collection, Bubbly consists of jelly polishes packed full of glitter! There are six in all.

At first, I didn't really like Alma that much. It seemed too harsh, but after wearing it for a day, I have become obsessed! It is such a stunner! I love how this is such a unique color, I doubt I could find another like it. I would describe it as a very yellow hued orange or a lightly orange hued yellow. It kind of reminds me of marigolds. Because this is a jelly polish it takes three coats. You could add more or less depending on the coverage you want, but I added three here. It applies nicely and not chunky even though there are tons of glitters throughout. The glitters are holographic and very fine.

Jesy is a great orange glitter jelly. I used three coats here and it had the same smooth application as the others. I'm not sure my photos best represent this color, but it is a true, summer orange. It reminds me of creamsicles! I am going to use this color for some nail art in a future post!

Binx is a mix between an orchid purple and a pink. I think if you added more layers it would look more purple, or if you layered it over another color. It is a really nice shade, and very complimentary. I used three coats here.

Harper is probably my favorite of this collection! It is a nice pink, and I keep saying I am not a pink person. I wouldn't call this one a bubblegum pink, more like a Barbie pink. Maybe I should just start calling myself a pink person. I used three coats again.

Muse is the only blue in this collection. It is a really interesting green-blue. For some reason it reminds me of mermaids. I really love this color too, so glittery and gorgeous! Three coats again. 

Ok this is another that says one thing on the bottle and another on the website. On my bottle it is called Staasi, but online it is Stassi. I'm going with what is online. Stassi is a very pretty yellow toned green. It usually looks green, but it shimmers yellow in certain light. I again used three coats.

This collection is gorgeous, I love how Zoya decided to do a creme and a glitter side of the collection. I can honestly say I don't have any colors like these! The formula on all of these was great and only needed two coats. All of these polishes are $9 and you can buy them on Zoya's website.


  1. I love Binx! I'm not a huge pink fan either but I love that orchid, purply-pink color.

  2. Me too! I loved all of them. I think the orchid trend will be great for summer.


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