Friday, July 11, 2014

Nail Art: Chevrons with Street Art and Nail Studs

I have a fun and different (for me) combination to share today! I'm finding that I don't actually own that many glitter polishes, but when I saw the unique Maybelline Color Show Street Art collection, this blue and black glitter combo caught my eye. It is called Nighttime Noise. I wanted to showcase it in this mani. I started with a white base, I used Pure Ice Superstar here and on my pointer and pinky fingers added triangle shaped studs from the Born Pretty Store (use my code: HANDX31 for 10% off). I then used Nail Vinyls and painted Sinful Colors Black on Black on my thumb, middle, and ring fingers. 

Macro glitter shots make me happy! Funny story, I watched my first episode of Dr. Who while painting this design, and I think black and blue are Dr. Who colors. If anyone knows more about Dr. Who, let me know! Anyway, I thought this was a super fun look with a new and exciting glitter! The black and white are actually new to me too, but not as exciting! Nighttime Noise was easy to apply and I used two coats here, but I also kind of dabbed it on in places that looked less covered. The brush looked really wonky when I opened it up, but it smoothed itself out after applying on a few nails. This black worked perfectly with the nail vinyls, can you see how crisp the line is on that macro shot?? I love it! I did make sure to push down the vinyl really well, and it worked nicely. I really hope you like this look, thanks for reading!!


  1. The chevron looks so cool over the glitter! Very nice idea!

  2. Thank you! I had a lot of fun with this one!

  3. Your nails look soo great, I love this manicure ;)



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