Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nail Art: Patriotic Roses

I have an exciting mani to share today! Patriotic Roses! I recently went to a meet up with other nail polish lovers in my area and we talked about doing "Portland/Fourth of July" themed nails. Since Portland is the Rose City I combined that with the fourth of July colors and created this. I used my nail vinyls for the first time, which was really exciting! I used so many polishes here:

1. Essie- Aruba Blue
2. Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
3. Essie- First Timer
4. Color Club- Wild Cactus
5. OPI-Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
6. Ruffian- Ruffian Red
7. Nika K- Red
8. Essie- Head Mistress

Phew, seriously that was a ton of polish! I also used a red acrylic, because I realized part way through that all of my reds are very similar in tone. Oh well, here is the final look:

I love love love this look! I wish I could have kept it on longer! If you follow my facebook or instagram you might recognize these from berry picking the other day! It did take about two hours to complete both hands, but I think it was worth the time. At first, I was having a hard time with the nail vinyls, but after very carefully pushing hard on them, they worked. My first few had some flaws which were hidden by the flowers :). Here is a photo from the meet up, we forgot to take one before a couple other ladies had to leave, but better late than never! I had a great time meeting you and hope we can do it again soon!


  1. :) Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment!

  2. Such as interesting twist on Patriotic Nails! I love it!

  3. Thank you! It was one of my favorites!

  4. Thanks! I really liked how they turned out!


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