Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Mani Favorites!

Just a quick post today. Before the month of June is too far gone, I wanted to share with you my monthly favorite nails! I don't think I have done this type of post before, but I usually post my monthly mani favorites to instagram. I thought, why not share them here as well?

Here are my top four favorite manicures from last month, which one is your favorite?

1. Spring Inspired Water Martble
I loved that I got my water marble to work and I really liked how the colors turned out!
2. Rose Tuxedos
I wasn't planning on making tuxedos when I started this design, but they naturally came together.
3. Lace French Tips
Really simple design for which I also created a tutorial.
I wanted to create this design for so long, and when I did, I just loved how crisp and clean it looked!

Thanks for reading, be sure to let me know which was your favorite even if it didn't make my list here! I always have a difficult time choosing. 

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