Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Cuticle Oils from Northern Star Polish

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Northern Star's cuticle oils are amazing, I really think they work well. I was lucky enough to receive a few from Kristin and I am sharing them with you today! I already own Appletini and it has been one of my favorite go to oils and I own quite a bit! One is already available, one is in conjunction with the Macbeth Collection (being released tomorrow), and another will be released next month. 

Doctor Yum is available now. It is an ode to the new doctor on Doctor Who. It smells like cotton candy, but not quite as sweet. It is really nice if you like sweet smells.

Clown Tears is such a fantastic name! This one is being released along with the Macbeth Collection tomorrow. I love this mini size, it is perfect for throwing in my purse, or desk! Clown Tears smells like those cinnamon red hot candies! If you like those, you will love this one! I really like the smell of cinnamon, so this is perfect.

Midnight Charm is really interesting and I love it. It won't be released until October, but I wanted to share it now, because I couldn't wait. This is described as sage and blackberry scented. When I first opened it, all I could smell was sage, but the next day I could smell the blackberry scent and oh my, it was amazing. Maybe I had a stuffy nose or something, but when the two scents came together, it was like music in my nose. Is that weird? I love it. You need it. 

I think that Northern Star makes really good oils, and she sells them at a reasonable price. These are way better than Essie's oil or other comparable oils I have tried. All of these have roller balls for application, which at first I didn't love, but now, after using it for months, I don't know how I lived without! Also, these minis are really nice for travel or for your purse. I really liked being able to store one in several places. Thanks for reading, I will be adding another post soon about the polishes from the Macbeth Collection and a little nail art, so look out for that! Thanks for reading!

Cuticle Oils retail for $4.25 
Available on Etsy
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for the best new cuticle oil! Do you know how it compares to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil?

  2. I love Bliss Kiss! I usually only use Bliss Kiss for my nails rather than my cuticles, and Northern Star just for my cuticles. They are both must haves in my opinion!


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